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A comprehensive video course on creating and using click tracks

It's Just a Metronome.

At it's most basic, absolutely. A click track is used for keeping musicians in time with each other.

But it can be so much more than that.

What about adding extra instruments that you don't have access to live?

What about giving your sound engineer all of those extra instruments as separate outputs?

How about never missing a gig if the bass player in your band can't make it?

A click track can help with all of that.

Click Track Master is the answer.

I've been using click tracks professionally for over 10 years and my tracks have been used all over the world.

Click Track Master is everything I know about creating click tracks in a single video course that you can work through in no time.

What You'll Learn

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create click tracks and be able to use them live.

You'll learn the skills you need to create click tracks that will set your band, production or showcase above others.

We'll cover introductory topics like:

  • Choosing the best click sound
  • How to stop musicians getting lost
  • Making sure everyone knows when to come in
  • Creating predictable counts and cues
  • Bouncing to different formats

As well as more advanced topics like:

  • Vamping
  • Tempo changes
  • Implying feel
  • Cuts on cue
  • Running multitrack clicks

About Me

Me playing drums

I'm Matthew Davis, and I've played drums all over the world on cruise ships and as part of touring theatre shows. My click tracks have been used around the world and I'd love to teach you everything I know.